Enjoying the Last of Winter At Ashiga Kubou

My husband wanted to show a co-worker —  recently hired from New Zealand — around Japan.  We took him and his lovely girlfriend to Chichibu.

We visited this lovely, rustic cafe.


With beautiful weather and an off-time, we got our pick of the seats. Everyone did that thing of asking, “Indoor or outdoors?” To which everyone replies, “I’m cool with whatever.”  This went back and forth until I said, “I prefer indoors”.  Someone had to make the decision.


The food was as good as it looks.  The bread was toasted perfectly and crisp on the crust in all the right ways.  That pizza came out of a brick oven. The tomato sauce had a spicy aftertaste I really enjoyed.  Although the coffee had a fantastic presentation, it was only average.  Not bad, not “omg”.


We left the cafe and headed for Chichibu by car.  We arrived in time to see Ashiga Kubou on the last day before it closes for this year.


I didn’t realize this place existed until today.  How did I miss this?


So blue and beautiful.


The hill slope in the background is covered in solar panels.


Mist is sprayed into the air when winter sets in until these ice formations accumulate to look like this. This is not a natural creation, but a manmade one. 


It feels like I’m in the center of a stadium-sized bowl of Hawaiian Blue shaved ice.


All of it was melting. Huge chunks broke off and shattered as we toured around. More than a few times I was startled by this. Today was the last day one could go for this year.


Lights are set up through the ice because they light it up at night in a variety of colors. We wished we could see that, but no one wanted to wait here for hours. Maybe one day will come back for that.

One day.

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