Today Was a Clusterf%$&

I called this morning and asked to change my clinic visit from Saturday to today.

What. A. Disaster.

We had a great time for our visit on Saturday, but I had hoped to avoid the 5 hour wait time of Saturday’s. Day 11 or Day 12 of my cycle. Close enough right?


The doctor checks and finds a 14 mm follicle. The E2 is 178 and LH is 10. That’s perfect for day 11. No early LH surge and the folly is growing at a nice pace, tracking for a perfect Day 14 ovulation.

Then comes the bad news.

“You have to come tomorrow. Sorry. We have to be sure.”

So… there was no point to coming today. I could have just stuck to the Saturday time. I wasted 8,000 yen on a visit that wasn’t needed. Even worse we gave away our good appointment on Saturday for the clusterf$#% time for nothing.  Coming today changed nothing.

Day 14 is also my work day. They’re going to bump me to the earliest time possible and I’ll have to hustle. Monday will be Hell Day.

On the bright side, there is a perfect folly growing.  Oh wait, we’ve been through this before.  It looked perfect only to come out immature or not come out at all.  I’m trying to keep positive.  It is hitting all the right notes, but sometimes it’s hard to be an optimist.

Saturday is ruined. We spend most of it in a waiting room. Monday will suck and be painful.  All this in the hopes of a good egg.

I’m not ready to give up. I just wish it didn’t have to be so hard.

I hope it’s worth it.


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