Snow Is Coming

The forecasts predict snow on Monday.  Everyone is getting ready.

My husband went to buy a snow shovel, and snagged the last one. The store clerk even congratulated him on getting it, saying, “That’s the last one”.  Apparently, all our neighbors were of the same mind.

I’m more curious than excited. I could never live in Hokkaido or any place with months of snow, but a couple days of it don’t wear me down.  Fluffy flakes are destined to fall on Monday if the forecasts are to be believed.

In my previous area it’ll just be icy rain.  It’s weird that I could ride the train for an hour and end up in an area where it’s more rain than snow.

The supermarket also had a run on water supplies.  I guess people were like “The end is nigh!” Feels almost like I’m back in Texas, a state where an inch of snow can cause mile long traffic jams and citywide shutdowns.

Let’s see how Monday goes. Will the snow flake out?

*dad joke there*

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