Staying At A Japanese Pension The Night Before The Last Sunrise Of 2017


Bitter cold sent us huddling by the fire that night. During the day we got at an achingly beautiful view of Mt. Fuji, but we spend one of the of the last nights of 2017 drinking wine and toasting the coming year in a gorgeous Japanese pension.

For December 30th, 2017 we took an overnight trip to Yamanashi Prefecture.  It’s a lovely place full of wineries, lakes, places to relax, and… a certain forest with a bad reputation.

We tried and failed to see Diamond Fuji (more on that HERE).


Our pension sat on a thickly forested hillside. We drove up several switchbacks to reach it, then hurried through the chilly weather outside, dragging our suitcases. The owner loves classic music and is a trained pianist himself who sometimes performs for guests. The inside is decorated with all sorts of items he acquired while traveling in Europe and several tributes to classic music.


I loved the use of black lights.


Even an aquarium?


It felt like the interior of a sorcerer’s potion room

The black lights gave it an exotic atmosphere and the food was incredible. We ordered tw half bottles of wine, one white and one red. I got very silly off the wine.


Everything was tender and full of flavor.  They spared no expense and imported a lot of their ingredients from Europe.


The picture does no justice. 


The only downside was our bedroom. We were by the staircase and it stayed pretty noisy until midnight.


Furbishing in our room

This was the last available room at this pension and I can see why.

On the bright side the floor was heated. It was the first time I ever experienced heated floors and man are they nice!

The noise made it impossible to sleep before midnight, but after things quieted we were able to sleep until our alarms went off at 5:30 am.

We crept out in the night and slipped into our shoes.


Can you guess which are mine?

After a twenty minute drive we arrived to our lookout point in the hopes of witnessing Mt. Fuji turn rose-pink in the dawn.  Unfortunately, the cloud cover never broke enough to see it.


Even though we never saw Diamond Fuji or Dawn Fuji, it was still a great vacation and way to ring in 2018.

Best wishes to everyone!  May the clouds part for 2018 which has gotten off to quite the start so far.


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