Diamond Fuji And The Last Sunrise Of 2017

I took a selfie to mark the end of 2017. I think it really captures my smile. What do you think?


Me on December 30th, 2017

We wanted to witness Diamond Fuji, a rare even where the sun sets perfectly on the crown of Mt. Fuji. Crystal clear weather gave the perfect opportunity.

DSC01851December 30th, 2017 was the perfect day to witness Diamond Fuji.

Unfortunately, we misunderstood when Mt. Fuji would occur and we were at Aokigahara (Suicide Forest) during the fabled event.

DSC01869Wrong place to witness Diamond Fuji.

Although we missed our chance to witness Diamond Fuji, we went to a park with a good view of Mt. Fuji to see Winter Illuminations and a gorgeous sunset.


Winter Illumination

The weather that day could not have been better, or colder.


A frigid sunset

Even though every inch of me was tightly bundled, I lost feeling in my toes and fingers. My nose went numb. Teeth chattering, I hugged myself to muscle through the biting cold. What I do for beauty.


Gorgeous, but a test of endurance.


We stopped indoors to warm up.

Finally, we had to give up and return to the car. Mr. W and I hugged each other for warmth, teeth chattering madly, as the blistering cold bit to the bone. We might as well have worn nothing at all for how easily the cold seeped in. We stopped at a campfire to regain some feeling before hurrying back to the car.


Warming Up

That beautiful sunset was followed by a cloudy sunrise. Our hope to see Mt. Fuji turn pink in the rays of the last sunrise of 2017 was dashed due to bad weather.


Mt. Fuji never turned pink. We could only glimpse it. The last sunrise of 2017 was a bust.

Within a short time of all this, Logan Paul filmed his infamous “Dead Body” video.  Here was the Last Sunrise of 2017.


10 thoughts on “Diamond Fuji And The Last Sunrise Of 2017

      1. Well, I guess you could say I was “shooting” the sky. *clears throat* … with my camera.

        Sorry bad joke. If I ever become a mom, I’ll be the supplier of the dad jokes. Someone’s gotta do it. 😉


  1. Could not see you well in that selfie… but we are sure you were smiling sweetly!
    It seems this year’s been abnormally cold. Back in the car every 10 minutes huh? We just jumped out for the photos and immediately back when we were at the five lakes back in Feb-16… too cold for us tropical folks!

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