Logan Paul Controversy

So on New Year’s Eve, a You Tuber named Logan Paul blew up the internet by filming a real body he found hanging in Aokigahara, or Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest.

On December 30th, just half a day before Logan and Paul and his friend arrived, my husband and I were there.  I don’t know what part they were in, but it makes me very sad what happened this next day.

The truth is, the forest is a very beautiful and unique place. We, like the others on the trail, were there for this:



If you aren’t familiar with the details of what happened, Logan Paul and his friends left the trail (which the signs warn never to do) with a guide and found an apparent victim of suicide. He filmed the man’s corpse and posted it in the thumbnail for his video with only the poor man’s face blurred.

There are better details here.

It’s sickening to say the least.  Before that video, he ran around Tokyo behaving like this.

If you’re wondering who would watch this moron, the answer is kids.  His fans are mostly pre-teens who don’t understand that what he does hurts people.  They are defending him right now and crying that he’s been “punished” enough by the backlash.  Where are the parents?  Why do they let their kids watch this guy and his horrible brother?

I don’t get it.

His young fans don’t understand why everyone is so angry.  I’m more sickened than angry. I’m also disturbed that he could use that man’s body as nothing more than prop to film and post.  Twenty-two is old enough to understand right and wrong.

Unfortunately his career will survive because his kid fans are sticking with their Logan.

Very sad.

It’s a pity that Aokigahara is entwined to so much dark tragedy.  It’s such a beautiful place in the right light.  I wish I could have helped that man who took his life the next day after this when the weather turned bad.


Here’s hoping 2018 has more days like this and less like what followed.

7 thoughts on “Logan Paul Controversy

  1. I’ve never been there. Too scared to be honest. However, Logan Paul is complete garbage. It’s people like him that turn future generations into apathetic ne’er do wells.

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  2. As someone who has lost friends to suicide, and as someone who had attempted it before, I honestly cannot believe the level of disrespect that Logan Paul showed. It blows my mind that someone could be such a callous, irresponsible, and immoral human being. To use someone’s death as a means for profit… AND JOKES… there aren’t enough words to describe it. I have Japanese friends who live in Japan and all of them want him banned from the country. I strongly believe Japan is WELL within their rights to do so. All he has done is disrespect and malign Japan, it’s culture, it’s society. What sucks even more is that if he did that in America, I feel like the repercussions would be much more different for him. But purposefully harming a group of POC and their country just doesn’t warrant the same kind of punishment, I suppose. I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to ramble, but it was just such a harmful and triggering event, and it’s only going to work to raise his fame, which is dumb.

    I appreciate your post about the forest as it should be seen and respected. As you said, in the right light, it truly is a beautiful place. To see it disrespected is heart-breaking.

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    1. No, I understand. I was pretty much like you for the first few days. Now I’ve reached a level of just sustained disgust.

      What still angers me is You Tube’s response of… nothing. They aren’t going to even put a strike on his channel even though he broke their rules.

      I hope others just appreciate the beauty of the forest and stop using it for such terrible things.

      Your ramble is welcome. A lot needs to be said about this, especially from parents who should stop letting their kids watch him.

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  3. That’s so sad. I heard about the controversy and I was also sickened by it. Clearly he doesn’t have any empathy. When I hear about suicide stories I can’t help feeling really sad wondering what drove them to it and thinking about their friends and family.

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