Theme Cafe In Ikebukuro

It was pouring this weekend in November when my friend and I arrived to Ikebukuro. After two hours of karaoke, we wanted to eat and Ikebukuro (near Otome Road) is loaded with theme cafes.

However, the others were booked. This was the only open one and it was about an anime that neither of us had heard about before.

Do you recognize this anime?  My friend and I didn’t, but it was the only theme cafe available that day.


The food was pretty good.

DSC01092DSC01095And the deserts were fun.

Sorry for such a short post, but I’ve been busy packing.  My home is full of boxes.  I’ll post more next month.

Til then have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

I hope I can squeeze in more posts and get back to reading here.

5 thoughts on “Theme Cafe In Ikebukuro

  1. Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to you too!

    I love anime!!! The moment it entered my life when I was a child I wanted to be an anime. I think the first anime I saw was Kimba the White Lion. I watched every anime I could. Candy Candy was also a fav. When I was older I was immersed in Saint Seiya. But I’m not a dedicated fan who knows every anime, and I’m not up to date with the genre. I love the photos you shared, what an awesome place!

    Best wishes for the move! Take good care of yourself!

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