Trouble Comes In Threes

It started with a sneeze here and a sneeze there, then it progressed into a sore throat, and finally I knew I was without a doubt sick.  However, trouble always comes as a trio…

It was supposed to be a happy day. My husband came back from this business trip to India. He brought chocolates — liquor and ones powdered in coconut — and other gifts from India.

I planned to be genki for him.

At first, everything was fine. He arrived when I was skyping with my family, but afterwards I came and joined him on the couch while he worked.  I started to sneeze; it had been happening all morning.  Then I swallowed and felt tightness there.

I grabbed my throat and, with widened eyes fixed on him, said, “Dammit, I’m sick…”

After donning my mask and realizing no kisses for us, I left to handle the paperwork that I had been putting off until today, the deadline.  Later, my husband met me at the clinic where we found out I’m about to ovulate two days earlier than normal.

The LH surge is over a 100 and there is only a 50% chance that follicle will be there tomorrow. That’s disappointing.  The doctor asked if we wanted to try anyway, and we said, “Yes”.

So now I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn to drudge to the clinic on a 50% of an egg still being in my right ovary.  Oh, and the best part (worst) is that it’s in the right ovary.  The one that has slid back deep inside my body since there is no kidney to keep it in place.  It’s way off past Pluto, orbiting near Planet X.

If the follicle is still there tomorrow, then I’m in for a world of pain. The procedure involves the doctor pressing down painfully on my stomach (to see the follicle on the ultrasound sonograph) while puncture a tiny needle through me to pop that ovary and maybe extract an egg.

I could pass on this, but… but… I have this hope.  This hope that maybe that egg is the one. That maybe that egg is my future child, and that hope nags me to endure the pain again and try.

The third bad thing is that we likely can’t do a transfer due to bleeding.  That was disappointing news.  The doctor said if it’s stops maybe he’ll reverse his opinion, but it’s likely a pass.

So fingers crossed that the follicle waits 12 hours more to pop.  Just twelve little hours.  How hard can that be?


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10 thoughts on “Trouble Comes In Threes”

  1. Yikes bad news all around. All things considered I do hope you get well soon.

    P.S. – Random question. Do you really still call it a couch? I’ve switched to sofa since moving here because no one knows the work couch.

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    1. Great news! I didn’t ovulate. I was so, so close when they took the egg out. The follicle was about to burst so when they poked the needle in, the egg just went zipping out. Usually they have to hunt around, but they saw it right away and were like, “Oh yeah, we got an egg”.

      I don’t know the grade yet, but hopefully in an hour I will. 🙂


      1. Bad news! Your beautiful comment on my latest post got trashed on accident. I don’t know what happened. I was writing a reply and suddenly the screen just went crazy and said “Comment trashed”. I was like, “Whaaat? NOOOOO!” I can’t figure out how to get it back. I’m so sorry. Is there anyway you could repost it?


  2. Oy, this all sounds horrendous: sickness, sliding ovary and painful extraction, all for a 50% follie. Sometimes though it’s comforting to remember that—this far into this infertility game—what’s one more always-uncomfortable appointment? After awhile, they all blur together. No matter how it goes down, I sincerely hope it goes the best way possible! xx

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    1. Good news! It went well. They got the egg in the nick of time. I don’t know the grade, but I will in an hour. Best of all, it didn’t hurt for once. I was so close to ovulation that the egg just came flying out. *fingers crossed it’s a good grade*

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