Tokyo Metro Underground Game

On this dreary day my friends scrapped our plans for hiking in Kamakura and instead chose to play the Tokyo Metro Underground Game.  Have you heard of this?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

It is a challenging puzzle game that sends you on a journey across the Tokyo subway system. You are given five missions to solve, and it is packed with surprises.

I can’t show anymore of the game than a picture of the Kit they give you, not until after February when it’s over.  (They ask people not to share on social media until then).

However, I can tell you it’s amazing. Each kit is around 2,200 yen and then you buy an all day ticket on the metro for about 600 yen.  A group can share a kit or buy their own.

The picket has a booklet full of your missions, along with a small pencil, a tracing paper that is vital for clue-solving later and a mysterious envelope that is not to be opened until you are instructed to do so.

When you are first given the kit, you go sit down somewhere and solve the first three pages to figure out which stations to travel to.  Afterwards, you go there and figure out the clues that tell you where to go next.

The puzzle of the first mission was really frustrating for my trio of friends until our friend noticed something about one of the items they had given us.

Did I mention I love puzzles?

Our British friend was quite the Sherlock Holmes and he solved a lot of the puzzles.  He even once gave an “Ah-hah!”  An actual, real “Ah-hah!”.  I though that was just something you only saw in the movies.

It was frustrating, but fulfilling to solve it.  It was a lot harder than we expected.  More than a couple times we had to resort to the hint to solve the mystery.

I highly recommend this if you’re looking for something to do for a day in Tokyo that will really get to explore unusual places that are off the beaten path. It is also quite the challenge.

Here is the link for those interested:

Tokyo Metro Underground

9 thoughts on “Tokyo Metro Underground Game

    1. It’s the perfect thing to try if you’re in Tokyo between November and February. You eat up a whole day sleuthing around the subway. But the best part is the challenge. It wouldn’t be fun if they made it too easy. 😉


    1. Oh, you’re leaving? I hope you have enjoyed your time in Japan. I wish you and your beautiful family so much happiness. 🙂

      There are two version, an English and Japanese, but the game is really fun. I hope you have a great final month in Japan.

      Thoughts and prayers to you!

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