Shibuya Halloween 2017 — Great Party at the Scramble Crossing


I went to the Shibuya Scramble Crossing for Halloween. Even though October 31st was on a Tuesday, the turnout was the biggest ever.  Word has spread about the best Halloween gathering in Japan.

Here’s the video of it.  At about 3 minutes you can see just how massive the crowds were:


I arrived around 4pm to meet a friend and the crowds weren’t so bad then. There were a few people in costume, but it was just a normal work day at the Shibuya Crossing.


The police were already out around 5pm.


My friend, Natalia, and I hung out at a coffee shop. When dark hit, the costume-goers began to arrive.


By 6pm, our other friend joined us.  They closed one of the main streets, the one that goes in front of the Shibuya 109 and this is how busy it was by 7pm.



I left around 8:30 pm with my friends.  One went home and the other went with me to the Vampire Cafe in Ginza. I heard from others and saw pictures, but it got even crazier as the night wore on.

Crowds swelled until 10pm.  By the time, the last train came around there were so many people trying to leave that the police started prevented people from entering the station.  Many people ended up stuck for the night in Shibuya because there were not enough trains to ferry everyone home.

Now that’s a Halloween gathering.








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