How To Enjoy Odaiba: Visit Oedo Onsen


Oedo Onsen is a really fun tourist trap. Last time I went was with my friend, S, this time I went with K and C. The footbaths were still open so paid the fee and let little fish eat dead skin off our feet.

Not… the best feeling.  



Oedo Onsen is not cheap (over 3,000 yen to enter) and it is unquestionably a tourist trap. You also can’t use the bathes if you have tattoos. (My friend got in anyway by keeping her hand towel carefully placed on her shoulder to hide her tattoo).


When you enter, you leave your stuff in a shoe box.


Once you make it through the line they give you a wristband with a bar code. Anything you buy inside is purchased by scanning the barcode. At the end of your visit you pay for everything.


Next, choose your yukata.


One of the staff in the changing rooms helped us tie our belts (obi).


A beautifully tied obi

The decorations in Oedo change to fit the season and time of year. Guess when we visited Oedo.


The decorations change by the season

Inside you can enjoy all sorts of games and both genders can meet and relax together here.



My beloved ginger ale. They recycle the bottles.


This kakigori (shaved ice) was so finely cut that the texture was more like cotton candy. It had a ramen flavor, but wasn’t too sweet. The only problem is I don’t like the texture of cotton candy. Oh well…


We relaxed in the footbaths outside.



You walk on these stones to “massage” your feet

Supposedly, walking over these stones will hit your pressure points and help with your health. I just found them super painful and more likely to cause me bruising and foot injury.

That was our day in Odaiba and my second visit to Oedo Onsen.



6 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Odaiba: Visit Oedo Onsen

  1. Oh my, Mara, you visit some really cool (and really weird) places! This is a bit of both. I’m majorly skeezed out by feet. Fortunately I’m on a diet and, even though i started this post out very hungry, now I can end it without an appetite. Bravo for helping a sister out!

    Foot fetish fish aside, looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just make sure you eat a big meal before you do it. Plus if you’re pregnant and suffering morning sickness. What could go wrong? 😛

      (My friend almost lost the light snack he had eaten before we did the dead fish. *shudder*)


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