My Good Deed For the Day

I think I helped save someone from a really bad day…

Today I had to go to the clinic. There is a mature follicle on my left ovary. It’s at 18 mm and ready to pop. The LH surge is sky-high.  We’re going to attempt to take it out tomorrow morning and then Saturday we attempt a transfer.

Afterwards I trudged home not really sad, but not really happy. The thought of the pain and waiting another 3-4 hours in the clinic was depressing. As I went home, down the downward slope, a Black Cat Delivery Van passed by. Not thinking anything of it, I paused when I saw a package lying right in the middle of a shady part of the road. It was where a car or bike could easily run over it and crush the contents.

‘That can’t be a delivery’ I thought and picked it up.

Taking it to the side of the road, I studied it under the light of an apartment’s lamp, sure that it had fallen out of the that Van that passed me earlier.  I called my husband and explained the situation. He told me not to take it home or it could look like theft.

So instead, I put it at the corner of an apartment staircase and took a photo of the information.  When he came home, he looked at the photo and then called the company. The driver of that van that passed me answered and was ecstatic to hear we had found it. My husband explained the package’s location and the driver quickly went find it.

After retrieving it, the driver called back and could not thank us enough for saving his bacon.  (It had fallen out of the back because he did not properly close one of the doors).  My husband explained that the driver could have suffered huge penalties as well as the company if it had not been found.  The company would have been responsibly for loss of property as well as leaving someone’s private information exposed (you never know what could have been in that package).

Anyhow, I’ve had a smile on my face ever since. Since it fell out in the deep shade and in the center of the road, I’m pretty sure it would have been run over if I had not moved it.

So I’m glad I could pay it forward. From over the phone receiver, the driver sounded so happy and relieved. His night was saved, and hopefully someone will get their package delivered soon.

That’s my good deed for today.

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