Oktoberfest In Yokohama At the Red Brick Warehouse 2017

Raise your glass and say, “Cheers” in German.  That’s right. It’s time for Oktoberfest!

When Lea invited me to the Triennalle Art Exhibition , I wasn’t sure what I would see.  She’s a big fan of Weiwei‘s work and he is one of the featured artists.

I’ll post more about the exhibition in a different post. This about what happened afterwards.

The Exhibition is spread across three different buildings in Yokohama and, with a ticket, the buses are free to ride. We only had time for two of the exhibitions. The second one we saw was in the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama.


The third floor was dedicated to the exhibition. After exploring it thoroughly, we headed to our favorite apple pie shop on the first floor for some yummy spicy crumble lattes, apple pie, and S’mores.


Outside the sky had opened up buckets of rain, and Lea didn’t have an umbrella. The buses weren’t really running by this point.

From our seats in the apple pie shop, we could see tarps shining with golden light. It was dead outside of them, but lively noise drifted past the sounds of the rain.


Apple Pie Shop

Oktoberfest was going on outside under a gigantic tent tarp. At first we ran to the side entrance, but the employees stopped and directed us to the entrance where we paid 300 yen to enter.


It was packed inside, every seat was taken.


With the beer you get a hat or glasses from that particular beer shop. You have to give a 1,000 yen deposit for the glasses, but you get it back if they are returned safe and sound. I went for a grapefruit beer because… I’m weak?


Things got lively when the band came out and began performing several German drinking songs, but they threw in a few English ones like “Yellow Submarine” by the Beattles.  They really knew how to liven up the crowd and get them dancing.  Nothing is more hilarious than drunken Japanese swaying against each other and hopping around like bunnies to songs.

My friend and I happily joined in with the dance.

There was a man — BEER MAN — who carried around a gigantic beer glass that on several occasions nearly sloshed onto several people, including our table mates (very kind, but plastered college boys). Beer Man boisterously greeted everyone and clinked glasses. At one point he lifted up a Japanese woman and spun her around once or twice.  When he got too rowdy, a couple men stepped in too calm him down and try to avoid him spilling his beer on people.

Needless to say, it was rip-roaring fun and completely unplanned. Some of the best moments in life are not planned in my opinion. If it had not rained, we might not have noticed.

By the evening, we had drank a few and decided to stay for the end because we were having a blast. The guy beside our table kept looking over at us. He clearly wanted to make a move on Lea, but couldn’t pluck up the courage to do so even after we clinked glasses. At first, his interest was flattering, then it was rather annoying.  If he wasn’t going to make a move, then he should give up and stop staring.

When it was time to leave, the rain had stopped and left us with this view of the Yokohama skyline.


We walked to the station.  What a lovely night.

If you want to experience it with us, then here is the video I made of the festival.

You can see Beer Man and the dancing.


3 thoughts on “Oktoberfest In Yokohama At the Red Brick Warehouse 2017

    1. That must be so amazing seeing the ones in Germany. Only a few guys had on Lederhosen. I love the Oktoberfest dresses the women wear.

      The Japanese are hilarious when they’re drunk on German beer. They really get into the group dancing. 😀


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