Otsuka Fake Art Museum

There is a museum in Japan where the masterpieces are all fake.


Even the Sistine Chapel is face. You are dwarfed by the enormity of the place. 


They use ceramic tiles to recreate the art.  You can see the small lines in the artwork.


There are replicas of stuff from all over the Greek world.


Pompei is also here.


There is some artistic nudity.  Skip over the next picture if you don’t want to see that sort of thing.


Greek art.  It’s the original “yaoi”.  Those two men are just in a staring contest. That’s it.  Nothing else to see there.


The food was super cheap inside, only 500 yen a plate.


This museum is huge, incredibly so.  It took half a day to look through it and we went through Picasso and the Impressionist down to the Greek world.

The museum specializes only in art from Europe or by Europeans, nothing from the US, Mexico,  South America, Africa, or any other region.

The ticket is a whopping 3,100 yen. Pricey, but you they have several places where you can dress up as your favorite paintings (like the Girl from the Pearl Earring) or let the kids color pictures of the art pieces.

It’s found on Shikoku Island across from Hiroshima Prefecture.

I really enjoyed the experience, but I think it’s good for just one time.

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