Visting the Desert In Japan

We went to the dunes in Japan. This is the itty-bittchibi desert of Tottori.


The sky was steely and threatened to drop more rain at any moment. I’ve not felt sand this beautiful and fine since California. It had rained earlier that day so it was very soft and stickier than normal.

I actually love wet sand.  Is that strange?


Just look at those beautiful sand grands, so light and fluffy.


The waves crashed steadily against the shore. The wind was cool, but not cold.


Words cannot describe how much I wanted a sled and to just to “woo-hoo” down the side of this. I wanted to relive my childhood visit to White Sands in Colorado where we went rolling down the dunes.  I had to remind myself I was in too nice of a dress, yet I was tempted.


It’s pretty well-trodden.  I wish I could see the Sahara. It must be glorious at sunrise and sunset to see endless dunes that fade into a golden horizon.  I loved Frank Herbert’s Dune because of the world of Arakis, a place covered in endless dunes.

I wasn’t upset at all that it wasn’t sunny. I actually loved the silver skies and their contract to the bright yellow of the sand.


Others have come this way before, but I will make my own path.

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