The First Drive

This was my celebration coffee after driving my husband’s car for the first time.

Photo on 8-6-17 at 4.43 PM

Technically, it’s our car, but it’s pretty much his.

It might seem like a mundane thing to celebrate, but my heart was pounding when I got on the highway for the first time.  I haven’t driven since we moved to this area of Japan.  

I have a gold license car in Japan which means I get one of the best insurance rates.  My husband does too. You only get it if you don’t get in any accident or any tickets for a set amount of years. It’s easy to do if you don’t drive often.  My husband’s gold car is more impressive because he drives all the time.

We have a fancy car so I was extra nervous driving it.  However, after his panic attacks we decided I would need to take a more active role in driving. So we started my training today.  Once I get more accustomed to driving, maybe I’ll take solo trips around the area more.

We’ll see.

It would certainly mean more independence and freedom for me.  I probably should not have put off doing this for so long.  Sometimes it’s hard to just take the plunge.


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6 thoughts on “The First Drive”

  1. Good for you! I’m the same. We don’t actually need a car where we are in Germany as public transport is so good, so my driving has gotten really rusty. But we joined car sharing awhile ago so now I have tried to drive a few times. It’s hard though as it’s on the right not left side of the road. It’s like learning to drive all over again. Practice makes perfect though, I also need to push myself and get out more!

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    1. It’s weird how that happens. I’ve driven for over a decade in Japan and the US. But go just a couple years without it and it becomes so nerve-wracking all over again.

      So Germany drives more like the US, but ireland is actually more like Japan. That’s kind of funny. 🙂

      I feel it’s mission accomplished when I drive and nothing bad happens. Even I just drove around the block.


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