The Beach Near Enoshima Island

After tying my sandals to the strap of my small back pack, I went for a walk along the beach near Enoshima island.  The sand is black and fine. It sticks to you even when dried and does not flake off.


Kelp often builds along the shore. This was one of the worst segments I came across. 


They had sand art up of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.  I was never a fan, but a lot of my friends were/ are.


This guy went riding up the ramp from one of the beach shacks.  That takes some pretty decent balance.  I’d probably fall off.


I came at the perfect time, just as the sun began to set. It was also a rather dead time for the beach shacks.  Never in all my years living in Japan have I ever been hit on as much as I was this day when I strolled by the beach during a dead time.

Most of it was by bare-chested, lean muscled surfer guys, and most of that was by people trying to lure me to eat and drink at their establishment.


That ice cream looked tempting.  Oh, and that guy in the white shirt flirted with me and waved cheerily at me.  The beach shack guys are in good shape and seem to know their market.  If your lady that feels like you want to be flirted with, here’s the place to walk during off hours.

They often run up to you grinning and waving, trotting along beside you and asking in the little English they know, “Hello” and “How are you?”.  If you speak in Japanese, they get super excited and talk how pretty you are and ask if you’re hungry because they just so happen to know a great place. Oh, and they just so happen to work at that place too!


Just drop it, guys.


The sunset was gorgeous.


The beach shock owners know the word for sunset. They often pointed at me, then their shack, and said, “You enjoy beautiful sunset?”


How could I say no to that?  The pillowed seats were comfy.  I eventually moved to a table so some drunken beachgoers could sleep here.

When I arrived to the beach, twenty to thirty cops rushed by, heading for something as beachgoers pointed. Later, when I came back they had two surfer guys who looked unsteady and intoxicated. Thirty cops surrounded them in a semi-circle watching as two gave the men what looked to be the sternest lecture of their lives.

Why on Earth did it take thirty cops though?  Ok, maybe it was twenty-five, but it was definitely over twenty.


Nothing like good food to enjoy a magic sunset.


And that was my evening at the beach.  Next time, my friends asks where they can meet guys, I’ll say “I don’t know about meeting dates, but I sure know a place you can get hit on at.”

11 thoughts on “The Beach Near Enoshima Island

  1. Hi Mara thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I went to Japan last here and got to see the giant Buddha statue in Kamakura but didn’t go to Enoshima. My wife and I were simply amazed by the beauty of this country. Unfortunately neither one of us speaks Japanese except a few words like hello and thank you. But nevertheless we had a wonderful trip through Nippon and promised to ourselves to return there soon.
    greetings from France, Uwe

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      1. Oh it’s cloudy and around 27 degrees centigrade here in the Toulouse area. As I write this I’m sitting in a concert hall at Jazz in MARCIAC waiting for Norah Jones’s show. I live next to Marciac and enjoy going to the annual festival every year. Cheers Uwe

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  2. I love Enoshima, went there three times during my stays in Japan. Reminds me of happy days.

    I watched “The Girl in the Sun” (陽だまりの彼女) on my flight to Tokyo and it was quite cool to actually go there some months afterwards.

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    1. It’s such a beautiful and special place. I always taking visiting friends and relatives there.

      I’ve never heard of The Girl in the sun before. Sounds like something I should check out.


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