Japanese Summer Festival

The humidity is puffing my hair out. I’m starting to look like Marge Simpson.  Summer is here with a vengeance.  In Japan that means Yukatas, swimsuits, and watermelons.  It’s time for festivals.

There are rarely locals artists pawning their wares at the vendor booths like what I would see in Texas. While I miss this, there are things here that I’d never see back home. There are a wide variety of summer festivals in Japan: firework types, paper lantern, basic, and dance.

My favorite is generally the dance.

Of the dance types, one of my top favorites is the Awa Odori, or “The Dance of Fools”.



They look anything but foolish.

It’s a distinct dance where the females dances move their hands in sharp triangle patterns and their feet kick up in the same kind of pattern.  The dances can be quite structured.


One of the more traditional elements of the dance are the hats that the women wear:


These days dance groups are getting quite loose with the rules.


What are they wearing?

Nevertheless, the Awa Odori is about having a great party.  After all, the traditional songs sings that we’re all just fools in the end so why not get out and dance like fools?


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