Grade 3 Day 5

A little disappointed, but it still reached day 5.

Plucky was frozen as a blasto on day 5. His (her?) final grade was 3 in the end.

He was a grade 1 on day 3, but a grade 3 on day 5.  Nevertheless, the odds are good for Plucky so I still have hope.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and I hope one day Plucky becomes a baby I can hold in my arms.


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9 thoughts on “Grade 3 Day 5”

  1. I know that’s a little disappointing but the fact Plucky made it to day five is still really good! And I’ve heard the grading isn’t always that accurate anyway. There are plenty of stories of grade three embryos that still become babies. I really hope too that you’ll get to hold little Plucky in your arms one day!

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