Today At The Clinic

Our clinic has a new doctor and she is a woman.  I feel a lot more comfortable around her, especially for the more personal exams.  She’s also quite friendly and has very good English.  

(I’m always willing to try and Japanese. I’ve become very fluent in female body terms in Japanese. However, it is nice talking about this in my native language since it’s quite emotional for me.)

While they were examining my follicle, I asked if they could measure my uterus.  It is bigger than normal due to adenomyosis and I wanted to see how bad things had progressed.

She was sweet enough to do so. Afterwards she drew a map and cross-section, going over what was normal and what wasn’t.  She did more to comfort me than any doctor thus far.

Turns out one half of my uterus is completely normal in thickness and size. The back half has the adenomyosis. It is twice as thick as it should be, that is also where the adenomyoma is.  The front half is clean and completely normal thickness and size.

I was actually super happy to hear this.  I remember vividly seeing an MRI of it five years ago with the little white spots that showed calcification and the doctor telling me that my uterus was 70% compromised.

However, the MRIs in the years since have shown no calcification spots and the damage seems to have reduced (better diet and exercise?). They myomas have stagnated in their growth.

Something seemed to release in me when she said, “the front half is normal.”.  It would be nice to be completely normal, but I’ll take a half-normal uterus.

On the follicle front, I am a little concerned.  The follicle grew from 16mm yesterday to… *drumroll* 16.5 mm.

The E2 went from 157 to 166.

They’re going to wait a little longer.  Of course, it is only day 11, so maybe 166 isn’t that off.  But it looks like a green light to see if we can get an embaby out of this.

*fingers crossed*

Here’s hoping.


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