Life Update

Sick as a dog.

I was in the middle of emptying and organizing the closets, too.  Now the clutter lines the hallways and I can’t finish the job of sorting and repacking things because my head is pounding and my nose is running.

I can’t focus on studying, writing, or anything.  I’ve been just watching TV shows and eating soups and munching vitamins.  This is driving me crazy.  Once I get in the middle of a project, I want to finish it.  

On the other hand, my husband was kind enough to cook or buy the meals and see that I got medicine.  He was also strict on me.  Every time I started to try and lift boxes to organize, he would manifest in the hallway and shoo me back to bed.

“You need to rest,” he said gently.


I’m bored now because I can’t do 90% of the things I was planning for this week.  Can’t even study Japanese because my head feels filled with cotton.

I had to leave for the clinic though and they found good news.  Hormones are good and a 16 mm follicle is growing in my left ovary and the E2 is at 157.

Fingers crossed. Maybe we’ll get a good egg this month, one that fertilizes and everything.  Here’s hoping.

It’s kind of the perfect week for me to sit in the clinic lobby anyway since I can’t really do much else until this cold goes away.


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