Have you heard of Kurobe Dam?

DSC09085A couple weekends ago we went to Kurobe Dam, a place my husband has wanted to visit for a while.  I posted about visiting Kamikochi before, but not about the dam that took 171 lives to build and billions of yen. It’s now a very popular tourist attraction.

We also stopped at a ryokan.  I hope some will check out the video and let me know what they think.  I could use some feedback on what I could improve.

If you wouldn’t mind, that’d be awesome.  I’m starting to really enjoy the wonderful blogging community on wordpress.  So much positive energy.   🙂


7 thoughts on “Have you heard of Kurobe Dam?

      1. Actually it is the same ticket ou buy to go to Kurobe dam, since one cannot drive there anyway. With the same ticket you can buy it up to the top and then return to Ogisawa and drive back. That’s the option we took


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