Hydrangea Season in Tokyo

I missed iris season by a bit.

However, I just got to enjoy the tail end of hydrangea season in Kamakura.


It was so packed. Thousands arrived to go to the same place.

(Actually, when my husband brought me flowers a few days back, he wanted to bring me blue flowers like this because the Texas state flower is blue (bluebonnets).  So sweet.)

Here are my pics of the hydrangea




Pink or purple hydrangea?  I couldn’t decide.


I guess purple in the shade and pink in the sunlight.


They were pretty gorgeous.

9 thoughts on “Hydrangea Season in Tokyo

      1. Ah I’ve been to Kamakura once, to see the Buddha and really enjoyed it there. It’s a pretty place to visit by the sea. We went for a walk through the hills and got really nice views of the area from one of the lookouts.

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  1. So beautiful aren’t they? We saw many of them on our road trips which often occur in late May in the past. Think there was a road leading up to a viewpoint of Mt Fuji near Shimizu that was full of them!

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