2017 Summer Fashion Trends In Japan

I can’t speak for the whole of Japan, or even Tokyo, but I’ve spoken to a couple fashion designers as well who agree these are what are “in” this year.

This is the style for summer 2017 in Japan:


Wide waist belts tied up high above the waist, cinching in a short short shirt and high waistband of loose, flowing pants.


I bought a different shirt with the exposed shoulders, because who am I to resist this trend?

The shirts still have sleeves, but the shoulder is exposed.  These type of shirts are being sold in a lot of the malls this season.  Even Uniglo and the other big chains like GU have their own versions of this trend.

I’ve seen some super cute ones.


Completly exposing the shoulder and collar bone is also in fashion this summer.  You compliment it with a wide bring hat and high waistband pants or skirts.


Floral prints are also super in this summer season.

I really like most of the trend this year.  This style actually suits my body type as well.  So here’s to a good summer fashion for once.

9 thoughts on “2017 Summer Fashion Trends In Japan

    1. I think it’s about the body type and where they cinch things in. For someone with my figure I need it cinched in right below the bosom or it doesn’t look right.

      I think a lot jump into these fashion trends without making sure those trends fit their body type. (For example, I don’t think they work well if positioned high on a pear-shaped body).

      So a lot of women are not wearing them the right way for their figure.

      I see a lot of Japanese women wearing the cinch belts too high or too low or with the wrong outfit. They don’t seem to customize it for their figure’s needs.


      1. I love maxi dresses, but I find them really hard to get to work on me. So sad when you see a fashion trend you like, but doesn’t work for you :/

        That’s interesting about what’s “in” right now in Germany.


  1. I noticed many women are wearing skirts made of thick fabric (like curtain fabric). This fabric really works nicely and compliments the Japanese ladies slim body, like it adds volumes below their waist.. However, I know that skirt will just make me look fat especially because I’m very short. Haha.

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