Weekend Trip to Kamikochi

My husband and I share a love of travel.  There is something about travel — the discovery of new — that makes my heart pick up and gives a euphoric feeling.

I’ll admit it.  We’re both part of Travel Addicts Anonymous or TAA.

However, that is coupled with my husband’s love of driving and bam — you have the perfect combination.  Some people go for massages to relax, but he goes for a drive in his “mistress” as I call his car.  I’ll often find him out waxing and washing her.  The man practically coos over his baby.  

He is so protective of her that he insists on packing my suitcases in the back.  Since I’m lazy, I don’t mind if he wants to put my suitcases in the trunk.  (Makes my life easier).  Nevertheless, one of my friends saw him doing that (even for her luggage) and whispered to me, “He’s such a gentlemen!”.

I had to resist rolling my eyes.  He’s not doing it because of any lady/ gentleman custom.  He’s doing it to prevent the suitcases scratching his mistress.  You see, when a man loves his car very much he’ll rush over and beg to load your bags for you, especially the heaviest.

This weekend the weather has been stunning, so my husband wanted to go on a long drive.  We went to Kurobe for an overnight trip.


Before evening we stopped at Kamikochi which can only be reached by bus.


The temperature up there was around freezing.  I really, REALLY regret not bringing a coat.  By the time we made it back to the bus, I couldn’t feel my fingers.

Turns out a light jacket, T-shirt, and jeans are not enough when you are out in freezing temperatures.  The problem is that where we live the temperatures are around 28 degrees C, so I didn’t realize how cold the mountains would get.

When I took this picture, I couldn’t feel my fingers.


Afterwards, we headed for our ryokan for the night where I warmed up in the onsen.  Ah, it’s good to feel your digits.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Kamikochi

  1. I love traveling and exploring new places too! I also get that euphoric feeling you mentioned! That’s the ideal combination too if your hubby loves driving. My husband is more of a home body in general. And if we do go travelling he often wants to go back to the same places again whereas I’d rather go somewhere different! We both had a great trip to Australia though and I think I’ve made him love travelling more.

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    1. That’s great that you can push him out of his shell. I hope you teach him to love traveling like you do. I’ve gotten to see and experience so many things in Japan that most foreigners miss out on thanks to my husband.

      It’s always great having that person that pushes us to do more.


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