Day Trip to Sarushima Island In Kanagawa

I hit up the islands this weekend from Enoshima to Sarushima.


I’d never heard of Sarushima Island before, but my husband wanted to go there.  It’s near the US military base in Yokosuka.  The island is a former military base for the Japanese military and there are still old barracks and dismantled gun posts located all over.  

If you go with a tour guide you can even explore the subterranean facilities.


Many of the buildings were built to blend into the foliage so as to be hidden from enemy eyes.  It’s a rather fascinating place to visit and, despite the tourists, you feel like you’re entering an old ghost story from how these decaying buildings glare and seem to have horrific stories to tell.

Monks used to be forced to live here in exile.

It has a long, dark history.


The island is also overgrown with plants that drape and hang.  It almost feels more jungle than forest.  The birds never shut up.  I bet in August the cicadas never shut up either.


We went to the rocky shoals at the bottom, but they were too slippery with moss to walk over much.  Plus the water on this side of the island looks a bit dirty and not fit for swimming in.


On the beach side of the island there was a Hawaiian dance demonstration.

Tons of college students were having BBQ on the beaches and enjoying the water.  The college boys seemed to want to strut around in their trunks for the girls who giggle and laughed.  A whole lot of flirting was happening there.

The boys were putting on quite a show with their super soakers and their teasing.

Ah, summer is in the air.

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