The Yokohama Ramen Museum

You’ve heard of ramen, right?

It’s more than those cheap cup noodles that college students know well, at least in Japan it is. There is a whole range of styles and options from how hard you want the noodles to what kind of broth and what you want in it.

I prefer shio (salt) ramen.

One of my husband’s favorite places is The Ramen Museum in Yokohama.


After yesterday’s infertility disaster (the follicle’s egg was empty), we wanted to do something to cheer ourselves up.  My husband wanted to go to the ramen museum so we visited here again for like the millionth time.

He would live here (if they’d let him).


It’s styled like 1950s Japan, and you feel as though you are walking back to a different time.  There is a nostalgia about 1950s Japan, that was when they dreamed big and everything was fresh and new. They were shaking off the horror of World War 2 and starting to have hope again.


No detail is spared at the Ramen Museum.  That food is plastic.


This food is not.  This was a two layer miso soup ramen.  We got the mini-size.

The Ramen Museum is a bunch of different ramen shops crowded together in a location made to look like 1950s Japan.  You can order half sizes if you want to try out several ramen from each shop.

Just slip your money in the vending machine and push the button to get the ticket for what you want.

Yummy times.


8 thoughts on “The Yokohama Ramen Museum

    1. It does exist, there’s a supplier that I found at a gluten free event for Japanese food suppliers. The CEO had a friend supposedly that had an aversion to gluten, so the product was developed for his friend…. I’ll have to dig up the brand.

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