Schedule Blowing Up Or Empty

So Golden Week has left me and most people I know with rather empty back accounts.  Then there is the fact that there is a lot of work to catch up on after Golden Week.

This also means that even if someone has the free time, no one really has the money to meet.  My husband is also working this weekend.

It always seems like I either have too much going on or not enough.  There is no balance.

However, I have to remind myself to not always rush around and get worried when these situations happen.  Usually, things start to liven up again in June and July as people recover financially from Golden Week.

The weather is gorgeous and I should just enjoy what I do have in my life.  I’m trying right now to learn not to worry if I end up with an empty planner.  I’ve struggled with that problem and it needs to stop.

Golden Week was non-stop stuff to do so it’s quite a contrast now to again have free time.  However, I don’t have much money thanks to Golden Week.

It feels it’s easy to get worried about those blanks spots on a planner.  Way too often I  want to make myself too busy.  I need to remember to leave time for myself to read and relax.


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