Cherry Blossoms In Hokkaido 2017

The cherry blossom may have run their course in Tokyo, but they were in full bloom on day 3 of our trip in Hokkaido.  We went to Goryokaku, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s the star-shaped park you may have seen pictures of in magazines. There is a ton of history in this location where a very famous battle took place a long time ago.

In fact, according to my husband, a lot of the movie The Last Samurai draws its inspiration from what transpired here.

Plus it looks amazing in full bloom.


The cherry blossom trees that grow here are not like the ones you find in Tokyo, their petals are whiter, fluffier, and fall off faster.



I’m devoting a whole post just to this park.

The weather was perfect and we went early in the morning.  This is about 8:30 am in Hokkaido.  (So bright already!)


The crowds were only starting to pick up.  Tatami mats were laid out for hanamis later that day.


Since we beat the tour buses, the park was still fairly empty, but it was sure to get packed by 10 am.  Who wouldn’t want to see this?



We walked along the hillside for a bit.


Before finally we headed for the tower.


It was about 800 yen per person.

However, you get this famous view:



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