Golden Week Road Trip (Day One) 2017

This year the Golden Week Holidays in Japan fell perfectly, in a way that gave my husband and others an unusually long holiday.  So we packed our bags and went for a driven.

Normally, we go west, in the direction of Kyoto, like the rest of Japan, but this year we decided to go north, to Hokkaido.

The roads were so open and free, it was difficult to believe it was Golden Week. We zipped up and made our first stop at this city. Can you guess by the pictures where these were taken?


All right, here’s a few more clues.


The place that birthed ice skating in Japan.


The cherry blossoms are not over yet in this place.

Give up?

We’re in Sendai.


My hubby got some cooked corn.  Reminds me of a hilarious incident that happened to my friend R when we were in South Korean. She bought a cooked corn and ate it from the bottom.

We chatted while she ate it in the train in Seoul, and when I glanced it, I suddenly realized what shape it had taken.  I said, “Uhh… R.” I pointed at the corn.

She looked down and her eyes bulged as she realized she had accidentally bitten her corn into a phallic shape, a very clear shape.  I remember R going red as a beet and then she stuffed it away in her bag.

Then she started to laugh, and then I laughed. The more we laughed, the more we couldn’t stopped. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe, probably for a good five minutes on that train in Seoul.

Ah, memories.

So that’s why you always eat baked corn from the top, folks.  Don’t start at the bottom.

But I digress.

These were just a few of the amenities at our beautiful business hotel, one of the best I’ve stayed at yet in Japan (and I’ve stayed at more than a few).


Don’t worry, the cups are sterilized.  Whew.


Afterwards, we went for dinner. Sendai is famous for Gyu-Tan (Cow Tongue).


So after I got the tongue down my throat (boy this blog has a lot of adult humor today), we headed back to rest.

Great start to our Golden Week adventures.  The weather is predicted to be perfect!

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