The War On Playgrounds

I have a a client, and he works for the city office in the complaint department. All day he gets bombarded with mostly elderly pensioners fussing about this and that.

Out of curiosity I asked him, “What’s the most common complaint you hear?”

He replied, “Noisy kids.”

That’s right.  These elderly people with nothing left to do but harass the city office, spreading misery, and spend their days demanding that the soccer fields, the baseball areas, and the playgrounds be shut down and locked up because they can’t stand the noise of children playing.

I hope I don’t end up that miserable of a person in my later years that I spend my days calling the city office to demand that the playgrounds be closed because it interferes with my afternoon of staring at the TV while the shopping network is on.

When did “get off my lawn” become “get off your lawn, his lawn, the lawn five blocks down, and that swing set and that soccer field on the other side of town, and don’t ever come outside again”?

Talk about sour.  :/


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