Naka-Meguro In Cherry Blossom Bloom

Yesterday had beautiful weather.  So I went to Naka-Meguro Station.

I love going to Naka Meguro during cherry blossom season, and yesterday was my last chance before they are gone there.

The vendors are great, the sparkling strawberry champagne is tart, and the blossoms look gorgeous overhanging the river.


See what I mean?

I must warn you, I drank this:


I’m weak to sweet alcohols, especially on an empty stomach.  After I drank this, I was quite drunk for the rest of my photo-taking.


What are cow books?  I’m very curious how Japan comes up with this Engrish.


The sunlight hit perfect, plus everything looks better when you have alcohol glasses on.  The lesson here is never drink a champagne flute on an empty stomach.

Then again, cherry blossoms in Japan are meant to be enjoyed with some alcohol if their hanami celebrations are anything to go by.


It reads: “Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival”


I got some solid food in me to help my upset stomach.  Within 30 minutes of eating solid food, I recovered and didn’t feel as drunk anymore.


Green is peeking through all that pink, a sign that cherry blossom seasons is nearly over. You blink and it’s gone.  Oh well, on to Wisteria season!

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