Hanami Failure At Yoyogi Park

It rained on my hanami, like it does every time I plan one. Fourth time’s the charm?

Last weekend I arranged a hanami and gathered some friends.

The weather stunk. Cold, wet, and dreary. However, my husband’s friend, E, was very kind and looked up a great burger shop for us to eat at. This is how the name is presented on the menu with the restaurant logo underneath:

Arms: They’re Delicious To Eat

(I forgot to take a photo of the menu. I think they made a mistake on where they positions their logo and that name.  A hilarious mistake!)

Here is what Yoyogi Park looked like last weekend:


Not even close to full bloom.  Also April 1st (the big Hanami day for most places) will be rainy and cold, another bust.  Last year April 1st was rainy and cloudy, but at least full bloom fell when predicted.  This year the blossoms are taking their sweet, sweet time to open.


We found a few early bloomers. Overall maybe less than 10% of the trees were in bloom. I don’t think they’ll be more than 30-40% bloomed this weekend.  Full bloom will probably be April 8th this year from what I saw of Yoyogi Park.  If you want to see the blossoms at their best probably Thursday next week or Saturday, April 8th will be the best time.

I’d skip this weekend.  Full bloom is worth the wait.


The drippy look was quiet lovely. The blossoms appear to be weeping.


The pastel pink stood out for the few opening up.

We gave up on the park and headed for Arms: They’re Delicious To Eat. This was our indoor picnic and it was worth it.

We sat around for 3-4 hours, losing track of time. The group meshed really well, everyone was the chill type who you can just relax with.  The food was yummy, if not the healthiest.


Onions are a vegetable, therefore this healthy.  I don’t care what anyone says.  Everyone shared this.


I miss grilled cheese, so I got this.  I can make grilled cheese, but it just looked so good on the menu and it was good.  They gave salsa to dip it in.


In Japan, they give you cutlery to eat it with.  What?  No chopsticks?


My husband’s friend gave us a gift from Bulgaria.  Yummy, Raspberry-flavored chocolates.

So that was my weekend fail/ success.

Now, would spring stop being so shy and get its butty over here.  I’m tired of this winter!

15 thoughts on “Hanami Failure At Yoyogi Park

    1. Yeah… those pictures make me hungry again. The longing never really leaves us. 😉

      Tomorrow is a big hanami date. Lots of companies and groups go to Yoyogi Park, but I think they’d be wise to cancel if they can. The cherry blossoms won’t be even to halfway bloom (at best maybe 20%) and the weather is going to be just as bad as last weekend.

      What is wrong with spring? ! Get over here!

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