He Was Late!

I had a client who I was supposed to meet to today.

I got there early, and waited and waited.  Ten minutes became twenty.  He did not call me. Apparently, he did send an email, but I don’t use a smart phone (which I told him before) so I can’t check my email once I leave.  I had given him my number.

After over thirty minutes, I left fuming.  I even went back briefly to see if he had arrived. Nope. Nothing.

Finally, I went home, angry at the waste of time and money.  This is the second time he’s been late, but last time it wasn’t this bad.  I don’t want to do business with him anymore.

When I finally get home, I find his email, sent twenty minutes after we were supposed to meet, saying “I’m sorry. I’m parking my car now and will be there if you don’t mind waiting.”

Are you kidding me?

I was long gone by then.  So I guess we both wasted our time.  If it had been a one time thing, I might have given him a pass, but twice.  No.  No way.

I took care of some shopping and errands, but otherwise a waste of time.

He’s probably fuming himself because I didn’t wait around for over 30 minutes from the agreed upon meet time.  When we set a time and agree on it, a person should show up when it’s something business-wise.  He didn’t even really apologize in the email.

Ugh… I’m still angry about it.


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13 thoughts on “He Was Late!”

  1. Yeah, I would be upset too. For me, I would text rather than sent email and if I know I will be late, I will text the person beforehand. It is a matter of respecting the other party’s time.

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  2. I take it this was a Japanese person? Not that Westerners aren’t late from time to time, but I once lost a Japanese friend over this. I waited 45 minutes and then went on without her. She had just been visiting another friend when we were supposed to meet up and go together to another friend’s dinner. I personally did not want to be late and so I just went alone. She was mad at me and our relationship never repaired.

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      1. We might have to give her a pass though as there weren’t cell phones then. Still I was waiting in a parking lot in the summer way too long. I was raised that anything less than 10 minutes early is late. Thankfully my husband is of the same mindset!

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