Sweets Factory In Yamanashi Prefecture

I know a place where you can eat all the ice cream you want for free.

It’s in Yamanshi Prefecture, a place we visited this past weekend.   The tour begins here through the dark, dark woods.  It’s like you’re entering a fairy tale, except instead of a candy house, it’s a candy factory!


Hansel and Gretel visit the factory


The hallway was lit so that the walls glowed like light through water.


This is how sweet bean paste or anko is made. I actually don’t like that in my food, but it’s real popular in Japan.  And the machine looks pretty cool as it’s stirring and cooking the sweet beans.


The displays on the wall told the history of the family-owned company. I keep forgetting it’s name. Chaiteraise?   Darn you french names!

The real treat is when you reach the ice cream area. Glass windows on three sides let you look out on the factory floor as the workers produce yummy sweets in sterilized suits that look made more to fight Ebola than create ice cream. Several times they ran those dust rolls over reach other.

In the center of the room are ten large ice chests that hold a different times of ice cream snack — bars cones, cups, ect. Whatever you want!  It’s all yummy!  The only rule is that you can’t take any of it out the ice cream area.

Although I’m not a big ice cream fan, I do love sherbet.  I chose this grape-flavored one that came in a cute grape-shaped container.


My husband chose wisely with a milk ice bar. He also got a peanut butter bar after.

Once gorged on our fill of cold sweets, we headed back to the car. It shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes here.

Oh, and check out the shop afterwards.  They have these lemon cakes that are to die for.  I love lemon-flavored food. And I love, loved these things.  It was hard to give my husband his share.

I thought only Godiva brings that out in me.

So if you have a hankering for free ice cream, then check out the sweets factory in Yamanashi Prefectures.  Must be a great place in the summer.


12 thoughts on “Sweets Factory In Yamanashi Prefecture

    1. So true. My husband also loves it, but I’m like… no thanks.

      The worst is when it looks like chocolate and you get the sweet thinking it has chocolate inside, only to take a bite and be like, “ugh… anko…”


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