Japan’s Alps

This is a video of Sean’s trip to Tateyama.  I really, really want to go back here and hike that mountain.  We could only do a short trip, but it looked so gorgeous.  This is probably the number one thing I want to do again in Japan and this time go to the top.

It was so gorgeous. The video here doesn’t give it enough credit.  I might have posted this video way back, but I just loved it here.  This is one of the coolest hikes in my opinion in Japan, but do be careful of the thin air. My brother got worn down by that.






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6 thoughts on “Japan’s Alps”

  1. Hmm, we parked at the Ogisawa parking lot. But then we were there in April when the snow and ice was still solidly there. And they had carved out the road for the bus to Toyama. Sure looks good in late spring we presume (it was green)…

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      1. Oh we did not. Wee, not from the direction of Ogisawa anyway. Because the only way up is the electric bus and funicular to Kurobe dam enroute to Tateyama. If one comes from Toyama, then its possible to drive! But in the ice wall “season” we are told no private cars are allowed!

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      2. Oh indeed it was. In fact, you can make it there starting next month. Not sure the exact dates but they do announce when the ice road is “cut” to open up accesss. We wrote about it too in one of our handprint stories some time back. Do go, because you will not regret it!

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