Game On This Cycle!

The clinic gave surprising results for day 3.  My FSH was 2.  Two?

The E2 wasn’t that high.  My hormones seem to be adopting, “when they go high, we go low.”

They said we can try, and they gave me medicine to boost things.  We’ll see how that goes.  I worked out at the gym hard today doing over 6km.

I felt so relieved at the results.

Unfortunately, my husband can’t enjoy the news right now, or much of anything.  He’s curled up on the couch in a lot of pain. The pain started yesterday, then he threw up. He managed to hobble this morning to the doctor and they said he has some kind of stomach flu.

He’s drinking lots of liquids, taking meds, and eating only Okayu (rice porridge).

I wonder how he contracted it.  Every now and again I hear a “I-i-tai” (It hurts) from the living room.  I feel so bad seeing him hurting like that and being unable to do much but fix his food and bring him drinks.  The virus must runs its course.

Hopefully, he’ll recover soon.


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