Mishima Skywalk: Japan’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge


Today the weather was heavenly. We visited the Mishima Skywalk. It’s a big bridge that is solely a tourist attraction.
It’s a bridge to nowhere.




The radio and newscasts were solemn as they remembered the Great Tohoku Earthquake six years ago on 3/11.

My husband I were in that quake. We remember it very well. The day the earth turned violent beneath us.

So naturally we went to the one place you’d never want to be during a monster earthquake:  a giant suspension bridge.


This was my husband’s idea.  Which is hilarious since he’s terrified of heights.

While crossing the bridge it shook and swayed, my husband spent most of the walk hugging the railing.  DSC07806

Once we reached the other side, we were met with vendors giving out free samples of roasted chestnuts.  Yum!

However, we opted for the garlic and mayo chicken.  (I swear my diet is not like this all the time).  DSC07825

They really nailed the English, too.


It was a nice walk across 400 meters.  Too bad the clouds blocked Mt. Fuji which would have the view amazing.



9 thoughts on “Mishima Skywalk: Japan’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

    1. He bravely faced his fear by clinging to the rail and not looking down.

      Of course, if it were wasps we’d be reversed. I’d be cowering in the corner yelling, “kill it with fire!”


      He won’t even climb Mt. Fuji and he doesn’t like see through elevators because of his fear of heights.

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