Cafe Latte AA Meeting

Just kidding about the title.

However, it’s true.  I’m not addicted to coffee.  I’m addicted to cafe lattes and macchiatos.  Coffee only tastes good to me if its diluted.  My younger brother would watch in horror as I added milk to my coffee and say, “You’re polluting a cup of joe!”

My husband also likes his coffee straight.

The only way I like straight coffee is if its iced coffee, something not as common in Texas.  (You would think Texans would embrace ice coffee, but nope just iced tea and smoothies).

I need my morning cafe latte. If I don’t get it, I crave it. 

To be honest, I think this is a good thing because my cafe lattes are more milk than coffee — something I shouldn’t drink anyway if I want to focus on my health.

However, people are always going on about their coffee cravings.  I don’t have a coffee craving, I have a cafe latte craving.  So is that more of a milk craving?  Because I don’t like milk on its own.

Now that cherry blossom is here there is a bonanza of cafe latte varieties at all the coffee shops — strawberry-flavored, almond-flavor, and more!

I must try them all. One each day.  I wonder if I should take a picture of each of the cafe latte varieties you can get across all the types of coffee shops in Japan and compare my favorite.

What do you think?  Does any share my love of diluted-coffee?  Would they be interested in ten cups review of all the varieties?

Coz I’m going to be drinking the lattes anyway.  Might as well be productive out of it.


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5 thoughts on “Cafe Latte AA Meeting”

  1. Look forward to see the pictures and your reviews. And I hate diluted coffee. I love strong coffee like espresso or lungo. Not forgetting Vietnamese coffee and local Singapore coffee. 😉

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    1. You’re like my brother and husband then.

      You strong coffee people! The day of the meek coffee is upon us! We will rise up with our diluted mixtures.

      I’ve heard really good things about vietnamese coffee, but I’ve never tried Singapore coffee. I’ll have to link into that (and add some milk) 😀

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