Lone Child Outside The Stairs

On the way down the staircase of my apartment I spotted a two year old boy staring up at me with eyes as big as saucers. He stood alone on the sidewalk. I found the sight rather odd.

The staircase of my apartment is internal to the complex and leads into an interior area. You have to open a door to get into that part. If you open the door and close it, you’ll need to get a key back in.  However, you can look outside the narrow grill-like bars to the sidewalk that runs astride of the building.

As I reached the bottom staircase, I hear a door shut and mother comes out, looking around in confusion. Something is clearly missing. She rushes over to me and asks in Japanese, “Have you seen a small boy?”

I immediately connect the dots in an “Ah-hah!”  I wave for her to follow and lead her up the first flight and point out the bars where that boy is exactly where I left him. She clicks her tongue and I hear “How did he get out there?!”

Then she takes off to run around the building to fetch him.  Meanwhile, I stay put and try to entertain him through the bars so he won’t run off before his mother can reach him.

Those young ones.  You can never drop your guard for a minute.  I think she left him outside their door and ran back into her apartment to grab something she forgot. He must have walked out the door of the apartment complex which, once closed, cannot be reopened without a key.

He probably was confused when he could not get back in and went around the building to the stair way grill, the only way to look back inside where he was supposed to be.  I think he was trying to figure out how to get back in.

After helping the mother reunite with her small child, I headed on my way to meet and study with a friend.  She had a funny story about her company.

Apparently, the 1950s are alive in well in the Japanese workplace. They called her in and told her they picked her as a spokeswoman for their conference because they wanted a “pretty girl”. They want her to dress feminine. They also asked if she liked to date “Japanese men”.

So yeah… not appropriate questions.

Then again the company manual says that “woman should look cute” and “men should look professional”.  You might blame that one a bad translation, but that’s what the Japanese version says too.

Glad to be away from that part of the work world.

Now excuse my cute, professional, feminine, and pretty girl self.



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2 thoughts on “Lone Child Outside The Stairs”

  1. That’s why in some shops, the female assistant use the very high-pitched voice which they think is cute. I find it irritating.
    I also read somewhere that if they don’t have time to put on makeup, they’ll put on a mask. It’s hard to find Japanese women without makeup.

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