Three years ago they diagnosed my uterus as 70% compromised via an MRI.

I made the mistake of going alone that day and was crushed. I kept my face together enough to wait until I arrived home and burst into tears.  I was told it was unlikely I’d ever get pregnant.

I began to work out and diet. A few months later the adenomyoma had improved greatly.  However, the condition will never go away.  It is for life.

A year later I got pregnant.  Although I lost my child halfway through the second trimester, it had nothing to do with the adenomyosis.  It was a separate condition.

In some ways there was good news in all this misery.  Despite the severe adenomyosis, my uterus stretched out just fine to accommodate a child over 17 weeks.  I felt no pain or problems from that part.

Nevertheless, I fear that if I get pregnant and reach 24 weeks it’ll be a big problem.  I wonder if I can take a baby all the way at all. Is it safe?

I’ve tried to read up on success stories, and while many women with adenomyosis did succeed in getting pregnant and a few took all the way, they all delivered early.  They all managed to eek by to past 30 weeks. A couple even made it to 33 weeks.

This scares me.

I go to Yoga almost every day, which isn’t easy to fit into some days.  One Yoga class is amazing as its workouts really get the blood flowing to my reproductive system.

Oh, and my family has a problem with circulation to our legs.  For the women in my family this is especially problematic. They have a history of cold feet. I wear knee-high compression stockings to keep circulation there.

The lesson in all this is even if we get another miracle pregnancy, can we keep  it?

Can I deliver my child alive and safely?

It’ll be high risk and I’ll have to stay pretty much stuck in my home for over four months.  (TV shows, books, and hobbies will be my friends.  Maybe I’ll take up knitting).

Still, I think I might go a little haywire from having to stay cooped up because standing puts too much pressure on my uterus the more pregnant I would get.

If I ever do have a child, that child will be so loved.  So cherished.  They will truly be a miracle brought into the world


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6 thoughts on “Adenomyosis”

  1. I am very sorry that you lost your first baby *hugs*. I have another “blogspiration” for you–Stef does not have adenomyosis, but she has delivered two premies, the first at 26 weeks and the second at 29 weeks. Having a baby in the NICU is difficult and I have so much empathy for NICU families. But both girls are doing very well now! Be warned, there are lots of baby pics on her page:

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  2. I have recently been diagnose with Adenomyosis. It was initially thought to be just a fibroid. However, post-lab test proved it was Adeno.

    In research on adeno, glad that I stumble upon your writings. I hope everything will turn out just fine for you. God Bless! I still need to get to the getting married part before I can move on to trying to conceive. I pray may you have a success story.

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