Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

My husband wanted to drive to Tokyo yesterday to go to the last day of a special museum exhibition on ancient cave drawings in Ueno.

I wasn’t so interested in that part myself, but a ride to Tokyo and 3-4 hours to wander around the city sounded like an awesome plan.  It’s so much nicer than being crammed into the train.

After he parked, we split with a plan to meet up again at Ueno Station.

I headed over to Asakusa and took photos of Sensoji Temple. I explored it and ate my way through.


They change those things that festoon the fronts of the stalls.  A month ago it was red ones, now they’re sparkly pink ones in prep for cherry blossom season.


This is Sensoji Temple seen from above.  Nakimase Street is so packed leading up to the temple.  In the building I’m standing now you can always view demonstrations of Japanese culture such as Shamisen, Japanese dance, or Koto instrument ect.

I got a lot of great photos and video of the temple for a video I’m making later.

Then I kicked up my heels and had some coffee with a great view.


When it was time to leave, I met my husband back at Ueno and we had some yummy Ramen before heading home for the day.  Score on a car ride to Tokyo ^^

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