The Terrible Price of Sumo Wrestling

I’ve always been curious about Sumo Wrestling.  I’d love to attend a match, but tickets are pricey and it’s hard to get a spot.

However, like most sports, it takes a toll on its athletes.

Ballet destroys the ankles.

American Football causes head injuries.

Sumo causes serious thigh injuries.

Japanese TV was doing a documentary on it, and it was quite sad.  Many of the sumo wrestlers who retire have to use walkers or other things to help.  Their thighs have been ruined by the rigors of the sport.  

As long as people understand what the price of their chosen field will be, then that is their choice to make.  At least most sumo wrestlers don’t start training until their teens.  It’s not like they are toddlers being pushed into something that has lifelong implications.

I always knew that Sumo Wrestlers have shorter lifespans because of the toll it can take on their bodies.

However, I never knew it robbed many of them of the ability to walk up a flight of stairs, or the ability to walk at all.

I still think it’s a fascinating sport, but perhaps they should consider if there is some other way to preserve tradition without destroying athletes’ thighs.

For more on Sumo’s troubles here’s a very enlightening article.


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2 thoughts on “The Terrible Price of Sumo Wrestling”

  1. Yeah, they (Sumo wrestlers) start really young, so the toll on their bodies begin really early. While some do make it to national or even global stardom, most do not and languish as you said with the disabilities inflicted by the sport.

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