Everything is Awesome

A couple days ago I felt sad, lonely, and down for no discernible reason.  It’s no so extreme as to need treatment.  I just have to remember these things will pass.

But now, since this morning, I’ve been super happy for no reason.  It’s feeling like this song is playing in me:

I wonder how long this will last.  I spill coffee on myself this morning and then I dropped my bagel on the floor.  But I was like “oh well!”

It’s somehow weird just being super happy no matter what when that gets balanced out by “Everything is not awesome” later.  I prefer being more “Everything is Okay”.

Even the fact that this earworm of a song is now stuck in my head isn’t getting me down.

Well, I’m off with the hubby to eat out and enjoy the blooming plum blossoms.

And whenever people complain about how bad the quality of TV programming has become, just show them this gem:

Have an awesome day everyone!


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