Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

It’s like nature can’t make up its mind, sleet or snow?  Oh well, let’s try a little of both.

It alternates between frigid rain, sleet, and bits of snow.  I’m glad I had only one thing to do today and it was nearby.  Even that short walk, left my boots soaked.  

Since I donated my gloves (forgot them) to the public transport deities, I’ve been gloveless. Which leaves my fingers reddened and icy to the touch whenever I return home.

Kyoto is supposed to get lots of snow this weekend. My husband’s car is not equipped to drive in snow. We decided to cancel our trip there.  Temple Stay won’t happen this weekend 😦

However, we are thinking of doing a day trip somewhere.  My husband is furiously searching for somewhere now as I type this.  He won’t let the bad weather stop him from enjoying his first weekend after 11 days of hell.  He’s finally coming home again at decent hours.

I was surprised when he came home at 7:30.  I was shocked when the front door opened and I asked, “Isn’t it early?”

It’s blistering cold outside right now.  Maybe I’m just weak because I grew up in Texas, but seriously I can’t handle much below freezing.  This is why I wonder how people can live in Alaska, Canada, Russian, anywhere that gets that cold.

I’m just very nope. No thank you.

Well, see how it goes.  I’m mostly stayed home and worked on my pet projects.

I’ve been rather down the past few days with a few health matters going on.  Hopefully, I’ll perk up soon.


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