Studying Japanese At A Coffee Shop

My husband is working a killer shift. He came home last night at 3 am and left this morning at 8 am. Since he’s absent for this weekend, I decided to go on a little outing and enjoy the pretty weather.

I went to Kamakura and enjoyed a lovely coffee shop (that had craft beer?). I studied there for a couple hours this book and had some broccoli and cheese soup — since that’s pretty rare to find in Japan.  dsc07512dsc07511

Funny story, I looked up at one point and realized that almost all the tables were full of foreigners.  That’s the first time I’ve been in a restaurant in Japan that had more westerners than native Japanese.  It was weird… blending in.

I hope to take the JLPT 2 this summer.  Wish me luck.  It’s brutal.

Afterwards, I climbed up my favorite hiking trail to get this view of the sunset.  I also filmed it for one of my future videos on Kamakura.


I also discovered the plum blossoms are blooming in Kamakura right now.  February is plum blossom season here.


I miss my husband, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy these beautiful moments.  Slowly, I’ve adapted over the past three years to living in this area.  It was so lonely in the beginning. Now I’ve become quite attached and will be sad when they transfer him again.

It’s quite nice living in such an easy distance of such scenery.

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