A Sweet Surprise From the Husband

I’d been down the past few days.  If you’ve read the password post about my latest soul-crushing news on the infertility front, you might know.

I’ve been going to the gym now 3-4 hours every other day and really eating better food and all my supplements.  However, even my optimistic self is getting worn down.  My husband is working insane hours until next week. He’s been coming home at 2am these past few nights.

I’ve been so down I find it hard to post here sometimes.

I slept in today because I just didn’t want to get out of bed.  However, when I did, I found a surprise waiting for me on my laptop…

It was a large, beautify box of Lindt chocolate waiting on my laptop with a message from my husband of “I love you”.  It was such a sweet gesture.

He’s the one overworked, yet he still took time to somehow think of me.  I so badly want to have a child with him.  However, I’m so lucky to have him.  He’s told me he’s okay if it’s just the two of us.

He’d like a child, but he’s happy to be with me and would never change that for anything.

I feel so blessed right now… as I munch on my chocolate.

For today, forget eating right.  Today is Setsbun in Japan, or the bean throwing festival in Japan.  Chocolate drives off my depression demons.

Happy Bean Day to everyone!

Let love drive away the darkness.


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Life can be beautiful. Try your best.

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