The Limited Edition Kimi No Namae Wa Cafe is Amazing!

Update (video of the visit):  

See if you can catch all the mistakes!  There are two.

This was the message I wrote at the Limited Edition Kimi No Namae Wa Cafe that my friend and I visited.


If you’ve seen the movie, my comment will make more sense.  My friend, K, laughed because it sums up the movie very nicely.

The wait on a weekday for this cafe was ridiculous — over five hours!

However, my friend and I didn’t have to wait in line.  After you get your ticket and scan the barcode you can leave and they’ll email you later.

We went to karaoke and the arcade to kill time.  I’m glad you don’t have to wait in line, just in the e-line.  I’d never wait around for five hours for a cafe, even one as incredible as the food at this one was.

Oh, I have to tell you about the amazing presentation of the food.  Each meal was from a scene in the movie which is now the highest grossing animated movie of all time in Japan.  It has become almost like the Star Wars of Japan.  People across all age ranges — young, in-between, and old — have fallen hard for this movie.

The creator is rather overwhelmed and trying to play down its success, even discouraging people from seeing it because he insists, “I am not the next Hayao Miyazaki”.  I’m impressed at his humility, but he should be proud of what he wrought.

The food was crafted to mimic scenes from the movie.  For example:


This was from where the main girl took a picture of a cake with a cell phone in the movie. They even put the phone on top of the cake.  Adorable!


This parfait with green tea ice cream and corn flakes at the bottom was fashioned to look like the mountain shrine from in the movie.


The caffe latte had the famous note sheet where the girl flips through her notebook to find someone has written in it, “Who are you?”


This drink was made to look like the comet passing through the starry sky.


You got two free coasters each as gifts from the cafe.  This was mine.  I love it!  Such gorgeous coloring and animation.  This shows the important scene of the two main characters meeting face to face for the first time.

I adored this theme cafe. One of the best I’ve been too.  It only lasts for a month in Ikebukuro, but there is one located in Osaka as well.  However, they’re really hard to get into.  You have to show up early and get your e-ticket, then scan the barcode with your phone and enter the electronic queue.  Afterwards, you are free to wander where ever you like until they send you an email saying to return for your seating.

Great cafe.  Highly recommend it.


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