Brand New Hello Kitty Cafe In Kanagawa

Here’s a video on my visit to the cafe:

This was my first time going to a Hello Kitty Cafe.  I went on a rainy day because I knew few people go to Enoshima Island during bad weather and I wanted to take pictures.  dsc07396

I was right.  It was pretty empty when I got there.


The staff were super friendly and encouraged me to take lots of pictures.  They even planted an enormous Hello Kitty Doll in front of me — my date (but don’t tell my husband).  dsc07405

I’ve never understood why some people get so afraid to be seen alone at cafes or restaurants or theaters. It was on a weekday and I wouldn’t want my friends (who live an inconvenient distance) to travel out that far to Enoshima when the weather is bad.

So I went alone.  If I want to do something and I can’t find anyone interested in going with me or free to go, why not just go on my own?  Apparently, the thought of being seen along really scares a lot of people  The most common answer I’ve gotten is, “I don’t want to be seen as lonely.”

So I guess I took my “lonely” self (shrugs) to Hello Kitty and had a great time with my stuffed-doll-date. (Hey, they say robot partners are the future. Kitty was my doll for the evening 😉  dsc07404

The cafe was great, but a little overpriced. They served my cafe latte with a marshmellow kitty head and brought pasta that is shaped like Hello Kitty’s bow.  Due to the bad weather, the shop and cafe were practically empty. It was perfect weather for picture taking!  dsc07400

One trouble with themed cafes can be the crowds. This cafe is busy on weekends and days with really good weather outside.

But it’s so cute inside!  It’s just another reason to visit Enoshima Island.

I made a video on the whole experience that you can check out above if you like.  Or go there yourself if you’re ever on Enoshima Island.


5 thoughts on “Brand New Hello Kitty Cafe In Kanagawa

    1. It depends on if you take the Odakyu line or the Enoshima line. The closest would be Katase-Enoshima on the Odakyu line. For the Enoshima line, the closest station would be Enoshima station.

      Then you have to walk across the bridge and up the main street of Enoshima island until you see it.

      I hope that helps 🙂


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