Going On a Trip

In February my husband booked for us to stay at a temple.  This sounds quite of exciting.  Apparently it’s usually quite hard to get into this Temple stay.

The reason he wants to travel is that he likes driving, but also he has no free weekends this month.  A big project needs to be finished and I barely see him these days.  After the first week of February, his schedule will go back to normal.  It’s just a one month thing.

The first thing he wants to do when he has weekends again his travel somewhere.  We are going to car camp for one of the nights.  I look forward to having my husband around again.

I have posted much on my infertility or other stuff because things have mostly been tame.  There’s not been much good news on infertility.  I’m waiting for something good so I can post it as a story of overcoming.

What can I say?  I’m an optimist at heart and I want to post something more hopeful than “failed again. Read below for the last on how my body let me down!  Cheers!”

The sunsets have been glorious the past few days.  Today was no exception. Everything was bathed in gold. A gold so brilliant it felt like the buildings had been made of it.  I don’t know why the sunsets have been so vivid this winter in particular.

While I won’t miss winter, I will miss these sunsets.

Despite that, my feelings remain: get lost winter and hurry up spring!

Unfortunately for my husband spring brings allergies.

So he’s more of “hurry up summer and fall!”

Here’s hoping for a short and sweet winter!

On the plus side, when February hits, the chocolate fad hits hard.  You may find me buried in a sea of Godvia chocolate wrappers looking peaceful, holding a sign that says “I regret none of it”.



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2 thoughts on “Going On a Trip”

  1. Staying in a temple? Wow this is novel!
    Just wondering about the meal arrangements though…
    Yes we read that Japan is all in a deep freeze recently. Hope it is over soon! We’ll be driving around Toyama next month. Not too much snow please!

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